Category Slider Settings

Jannah comes with a big variety of sliders plus Video Playlist Slider, with full-width, boxed, and grid sliders. All Sliders blocks you can add one of them as a category slider.

  1. Enable/Disable the category slider.
  2. Choose one of the sliders.
  3. Query Type - Recent Posts, Random Posts or Custom slider.
  4. Colored Mask - a colorful layer above posts thumbnails.
  5. Media Icon Overlay - show the media icon above posts thumbnails at the upper right corner of each post.
  6. Animate Automatically - autoplay slides.
  7. Posts Excerpt - disable/enable posts excerpt on mouse hover.
  8. Post Primary Category - disable/enable the post-primary category at the upper left corner of each post.
  9. Review Rating: disable/enable the post review rating.
  10. Post Meta: disable/enable the post meta.
  11. Background color - set a background color to slider area.
  12. Background image - set a background image to slider area.
  13. Background Video - set a video as a background for slider area, this field will override the background image field.
  14. Parallax - enable/disable parallax effect.
  15. Parallax Effect - choose one of the available parallax effects (Scroll, Scale, Opacity, Scroll Opacity, or Scale Opacity).

Video Playlist Slider

  1. Choose the Videos Playlist slider.
  2. Playlist title.
  3. Playlist videos area - Enter each video URL in a separated line. Supports: YouTube and Vimeo videos only.
  4. Dark Skin - besides the default white skin, you can display the video playlist in the dark skin.