Jannah Welcome Panel

Welcome to Jannah, We are building Jannah to do more on your site front end, but at the same time, Jannah has a simple backend "dashboard" options.

Once you installed Jannah, we'll redirect you to the welcome page, this page includes six main sections.

Welcome tab tells you more about our outstanding support and links to submit a ticket, Knowledge Base, Troubleshooting.

Install Demos tab, this page includes the one-click installable demos, each new demos will add automatically to this page. 

Install Plugins tab includes the plugins comes with the theme.

System Status tab includes information about the theme, WordPress environment, Server environment, and the active plugins.

Post Switcher tab, the big problem when you migrating from theme to another is losing your posts data, Jannah comes with posts switcher that solve this problem, switcher supports migration from 15+ News Theme. Now, with one click you can migrate from any of these 15+ themes to Jannah without losing your post data.

Theme Options tab, link to Jannah theme options panel.