Install Demos

Jannah comes with 20+ unique design demo and always we'll add more demos, if you like one of them just import the demo and you don't have to begin your site journey from scratch, the new demos will be added automatically into your demos panel.

How to install new demo?

Step 1 - Go to WP admin > Jannah > Install Demos .

Step 2 - if you imported one of the demos before, don't import another demo unless you uninstall the previous demo data by clicking on the red button above demos. If you begin with a fresh site copy and you don't import any of the demos before, import the demo directly without uninstallation process.

Step 3 - Click on the demo you like to import, the popup window will appear as the following image

Also, you can preview the demo by clicking on the Live Demo button.

Step 4 - Click on the Import button and wait seconds till the success message will appear.

How to uninstall a demo?

If you want to change the demo or uninstall it, go to WP admin > Jannah > Install Demos and click on the red button. It will remove the content that you imported before, and won't remove your content before the import, and will restore the theme options, Widgets, and Menu options that were existed before the import process.