News Ticker Block

Besides adding the news ticker in the secondary nav at the header, also, you can add it as a news block at any position on your page.

From the page builder:

General Options

  1. Select the news Ticker block thumb.
  2. Custom Title (optional) - if you want to change the default title "Trending".
  3. Categories - Posts categories, multiple select.
  4. Tags - if you want to display posts by tag instead of categories, Will override the Categories option.
  5. Sort Order - sort posts by Recent, random, last modified, most commented, most viewed or best reviews.
  6. Number of posts to show - the number of posts at News ticker.
  7. Offset - the number of posts to pass over.

Advanced Options

  1. Color - the news ticker primary color, the color of control arrows on hover, links on hover, the background of the news ticker title.
  2. Dark Skin - convert the news ticker to dark skin.
  3. Animation Effect - choose your favorite effect, Typing (Default), fading, slide left, slide right, slide down or slide up.
  4. Show the scrolling arrows? - enable/disable scrolling arrows.

Live Preview