Custom Content Blocks

Jannah Page Builder always avoid the complexity problem, so you can add blocks with simple clicks in few seconds.Our UX Researchers spend more time to find the most suitable blocks you may need it in your news/magazine/blog site. In additions, we offer a two custom content blocks to do what you imagine.

Most of our News blocks are predefined with the posts list regardless its layout. sometimes you may want to add a custom text/image/shortcode with custom background color/image/video, you can do that and more.

Simply add the custom content block in any section.

General Options

  1. Select the Custom Content block.
  2. Custom Title (optional) - the block title, leave it empty to hide the whole title area.
  3. Title URL (optional) - add a URL to the title.
  4. TieLabs shortcodes list icon, click on it, the shortcodes dropdown list will appear. more info about Tielabs shortcodes.
  5. the custom content area. add your custom content/shortcode here.

Advanced Options

  1. Show the content only? - remove the block background, padding, and border.
  2. Color - the block primary color.
  3. Dark Skin - convert the block to Dark Skin mode.

Custom Content Examples

Live Preview