WooCommerce Blocks

Jannah offers two WooCommerce Blocks, WooCommerce Products Grid and WooCommerc Products Slider.

Woocommerce Block #1 (Products Grid)

General Options

  1. Select WooCommerce #1 Block thumb.
  2. Custom Title (optional) - block title, leave it empty to hide the whole title area.
  3. Title URL (optional) - add a URL to the block title.
  4. Products Categories - the multiple select dropdown, select one category or more.
  5. Number of posts to show - the number of products you want to display.
  6. Offset - the number of products to pass over.
  7. Pagination - Next & Prev arrow, numeric, load more button or show more button.

Advanced Options

  1. Show the content only? - remove the block padding, border, and background.
  2. More Button - small button will appear at the right side of the title area, the button will take the title URL, so if the URL is empty the button won't appear.
  3. Color - the block primary color.
  4. Dark Skin - convert the block to the dark skin mode.

Block Preview images

Live Preview

Woocommerce Block #2 (Products Slider)

Live Preview