Masonry Page Template

Add New Page  WP Admin → Pages → Add New.

From the Page Attributes box → Template Drop-down list, Choose Masonry Page, after selecting the masonry page, its options will display in the General tab at Jannah - Settings box as the following image

  1.  Masonry Page Layout:
    1. Masonry #1 Preview
    2. Masonry #2 Preview
    3. Masonry #3 Preview
    4. Masonry with Sidebar
  2. Uncropped Featured Image - enable/disable cropped featured image
  3. Post Meta - show/hide the post metadata (data, views, and comments).
  4. Category Meta - show/ hide the post category label.
  5. Post Excerpt - show/hide the post excerpt.
  6. Categories - Display posts that have these categories (Multiple select).
  7. The number of posts to show.
  8. Pagination - choose one of the available post pagination:
Note: the paginations below not in Masonry Layout, News Block with the same paginations.