Jump to post content (Content Index Shortcode)

Have a long article divided into many sections? Displaying a Clickable Content Index List referring to article sections is very useful for your audience. It will make your article more accessible to all readers. The content index list has its responsive view, so it's suitable for all screens sizes.

The Content Index is one of the most powerful shortcodes that come with Jannah theme. We'll figure it out In the following steps.

before each section title in your article, use the content index shortcode to refer to this place. by clicking on Content Index from the shortcodes list as the following: The Following popup window will appear:

Type the text, the text is the title for each section, in other words, it is an item in Content Index List, then click on OK button to add the content index item:

By repeating the preceding step for all sections titles, we'll display the content index list beside the beginning of the content when scroll to article content.

When the screen size less than 1600px, the content index list will look like:

Live Preview