How to add a custom font

Jannah comes with powerful typography options, one of these options is the source of the font that you will use. 

Source options that Jannah support

  • Theme Defaults - use the default fonts that come with the theme.
  • Standard Fonts - you can choose one of the browser standard fonts,15+ font.
  • Google Fonts - you can choose one from over 800 google fonts.
  • Fonts - choose one from +150 FontFace fonts.
  • Upload Custom Font
  • Any external fonts (e.g. Typekit) - add your custom font, it's useful if you pay a new font and want to add this font to your site.

How to Add a New Font

Step 1 - Navigate to  WP admin → Jannah → Theme Options → Typography and go to the element that you will use the font you uploaded before. for example "Body Font Family"

Step 2 - Set the Source option to "Upload Custom Font"

Step 3 - Enter the font name in the "Font Family" field.

Step 4 - Upload the font files.