Enable Twitter counter in Arqam social counter widget

Arqam WordPress Social Counter Plugin grabs the latest counts of your Fans/Followers etc. from your Favorite Social Networks and then displays them on your site. It is the perfect solution to encourage more users to join your network.

Arqam Lite Wordpress Social Counter is the lite version from Arqam and comes with Jannah Theme by default. If you don't install it yet, you'll find it in WP admin → Jannah → Plugins.

Step 1 Register a new Twitter App and copy the Consumer Key and Consumer secret.

Step 2 Make sure you install Arqam or Arqam Lite.

Step 3 Navigate to WP admin → Arqam Lite → Twitter box.

Click on Get Access Token button, past the Consumer Key & Consumer secret that you copied from step 1, then click on Submit button.