Jannah Child Theme

Heads up!

You appear to  be   making direct edits to your theme in the WordPress dashboard. We recommend that you don’t! Editing your theme directly could break your site and your changes may be lost in future updates. If you need to tweak more than your theme’s CSS, you might want to try using the Jannah child theme.

If you decide to go ahead with direct edits anyway, use a file manager to create a copy with a new name and hang on to the original. That way, you can re-enable a functional version if something goes wrong.

Working on Jannah Child Theme

  1. Upload the Jannah child theme that you downloaded with them main Jannah theme.
  2. Activate Jannah child theme instead of Jannah main theme.
  3. Copy the file that you want to customize to the child theme, with the same path in the main Jannah theme, for example, if you want to make an edit on the footer template that located in Jannah > templates > footer.php

    You should create a folder with the same "templates" name in Jannah child theme, then copy the footer.php file to it

    Or if you want to edit a file in the root folder of the main theme, copy this file to the root folder of the child theme.