How to create review articles

Taqyeem plugin is bundled with Jannah theme, which allows you to create amazing reviews. it supports 3 types of review styles stars, percent and points.

On blocks, widgets, and mega menus, the review will be displayed as a simplified version

1. Install Taqyeem Plugin

Go to Jannah > Install Plugins > Taqyeem plugin and click on Install then Activate it.

2. How to create review articles

Go to an existing page/post or simply create a new one, Scroll down below post content and find the Taqyeem - Review Options section.

  1. Select the Review Box Position.
  2. Select the Review Style.
  3. Type the Review Title.
  4. Enter the Text appears under the total score.
  5. Enter the Review Summary.
  6. Select the Structure Data Type, and enter all data required.
  7. Click on the Add New Review Criteria button to add a new Criteria
  8. Enter the Criteria title and score

Once it is all done, make sure you click the Publish/Update button.