Why Is My Website Running Slow? (How To Fix A Slow Site)

Your site might be using a lot of plugins and custom codes that load a lot of JS and CSS files, follow the following to find which plugin/code cause the slowness:

  1. Apply the instructions here How to enhance Pagespeed
  2. Disable ALL PLUGINS except the plugins mentioned in the link above.
  3. Disable ALL CUSTOM CODES, such as Ads, Google Map codes, etc.
  4. Remove any Videos, Facebook, Youtube, etc WIdget or blocks which load multiple external files.
  5. Install the Jannah Optimization plugin from Jannah Menu > Install Plugins page.
  6. Go to the theme options page > Performance tab and enable all options there including the LazyLoad for Images option.

After applying the steps above check your site via https://web.dev/measure/ after that you can activate the things you disabled one by one and check its impact on the speed.