Logo Settings

  1. Logo Settings - Image or Site Title text.
  2. Logo Image - Locate the Logo Image option and click the Upload button to upload your logo image file.
  3. Logo Image (Retina Version @2x) - You can upload an optional default retina logo for retina ready devices using this option.
  4. If you uploaded the logo images to the Media Library the theme will fill the standard logo image width and height automatically, if you want to use an external logo image you need to set the standard logo width and height manually.
  5. If the retina logo is uploaded, please enter the standard logo (1x) version height, do not enter the retina logo height.
    Also, you can control the logo size by editing the height of the logo here, if you have a large size logo, and want to reduce its dimensions, reduce the height of the logo here and the width will be reduced automatically depending on the height of the logo.
  6. Set a custom top and bottom margin for the logo or leave these options empty to use the theme defaults.
  7. Custom Logo URL: if you want to add a custom link to the logo, leave it empty to use the Site URL.


The retina default logo dimensions must be exactly twice that of your standard logo. For example, if your standard logo is  100px x 100px, the retina version of your logo must be 200px x 200px