Social Networks

1. Social icons at Jannah

As the TieLabs team always do, We focus on how to achieve what you want without repeating some steps you already did before. You enter your social accounts once, and we use theme five times at the theme:

  • At The Secondary Nav.
  • At The Main Nav.
  • At Widgets
  • At Copyright Area below of the footer.

2. Social Icons Settings

Jannah offers 40 Social networks so, you mostly find your needs.

- The empty fields don't display at the front-end.

3. Custom Social Networks

Doesn't find your social network Don't Worry, Jannah offers five custom social networks, each one options as the following:

  1. Title - Enter the social network title such as Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Icon - Enter the full Font Awsome icon name.
  3. URL - Enter your account on this social network.
  4. Color - Choose the brand color of this social network.