Mobile Settings

Mobile Settings

Disable the Responsiveness - enable/disable the  Responsiveness on small screen sizes such as tablets and mobiles.

Mobile Header

Choose between the default logo position or centered positioned logo, also you can sticky the mobile header bar by checking in the Sticky Header option 

Mobile Menu

  1. Mobile Menu - enable/disable the mobile menu - if disabled the mobile menu icon doesn't display in the site header.
  2. Mobile Menu Layout - Choose between the default (width: 300px) and fullwidth mobile menu.
  3. Show Menu Text Beside Icon - show/hide the menu text that displayed beside menu icon.
  4. Parent items as links - If disabled, parent menu items will only toggle child items.
  5. Show the icons - show/hide icons beside links if exists.
  6. Login - show/hide the login button.
  7. Shopping Cart - show/hide the shopping cart icon.
  8. BuddyPress Notifications - show/hide the BuddyPress notifications icon.
  9. Search - show/hide search bar as in the preceding image.
  10. Social Icons - show/hide social icons above the search bar as in the preceding image.
  11. Mobile - you can specify a custom menu for mobile, from the dropdown select list choose one from the menus you created before.
    Also, you can include the secondary nav with the main nav by choosing Main Nav and Secondary Nav Menus from the dropdown select.

Single Post Page

Compact the post content and show more button

4. Mobile Elements

  • Hide above Header Ad - show/hide above header ad.
  • Hide Header Ad - show/hide header ad.
  • Hide Below the header Ad - show/hide below header ad.
  • Hide above the Footer Ad - show/hide above footer ad.
  • Hide Header Breaking News - show/hide header breaking news.
  • Hide all sidebars - show/hide all the sidebars.
  • Hide Instagram Media Above Footer - show/hide Instagram media above the footer.
  • Hide Footer - show/hide site footer.
  • Hide copyright area - show/hide copyright area bar below the footer.
  • Hide Breadcrumbs - show/hide site breadcrumbs.
  • Hide Above Post Share Buttons - show/hide above post share buttons.
  • Hide Below Post Share Buttons - show/hide below post share buttons.
  • Hide Below Post Newsletter - show/hide below post newsletters
  • Hide Below Post Related posts - show/hide below post related posts.
  • Hide Below Post Author Box - show/hide below post author box.
  • Hide Below Post Next/Prev posts - show/hide below post next/prev posts.
  • Hide Back to top button - show/hide back to top button.

5.Sticky Mobile Share Buttons

  • Sticky Mobile Share Buttons - enable/disable sticky mobile share buttons.

  • You can show/hide each of the following buttons:

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • StumbleUpon
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit
    • Tumblr
    • Vkontakte
    • Odnoklassniki
    • Pocket
    • WhatsApp
    • Telegram
    • Viber