AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is a Google-backed project with the aim of speeding up the delivery of content through the use of stripped-down code known as AMP HTML, it is a way to build web pages for static content (pages that don't change based on user behavior), that allows the pages to load (and pre-render in Google search) much faster than regular HTML.

You need to install the AMP Plugin first.

To access the AMP version go to any blog post and add /amp/ to the end of the URL.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Enable AMP - enable/disable AMP, all options below will be displayed if this option is enabled.

Logo Image - put your logo URL or upload a new one from the library.

3. Post Settings

  • Related Posts - show/hide the related posts titles below of the post content.
  • Share Buttons - show/hide the post share buttons below of the post content.

  • Back to top button - show/hide back to top button.
  • Footer logo image - show/hide footer logo.
  • Footer Menu -  show/hide footer menu.
  • Copyright Text - tags can be included in the text area above and will be replaced when a page is displayed. 
    %year%    Replaced with the current year.
    %site%    Replaced with The site's name.
    %url%    Replaced with The site's URL.

  • Above Content - Enter your Ad code, AMP pages support <amp-ad> tag only, Click Here For More info.
  • Below Content - Enter your Ad code, AMP pages support <amp-ad> tag only, Click Here For More info.

6. Styling

  • Background Color - body background color.
  • Header Background Color - the background color of the top bar (header).
  • Title Color -  the color of the post title.
  • Post meta Color - the color of post metadata.
  • Links color - the color of all links at the page at the normal state.
  • Footer color - footer background color.
  • Underline text links on hover - show line under links on mouse hover or no.