Web Notifications Settings

How to enable the web notifications:

  1. Create a FoxPush account, by clicking on Sign up for FREE button, or sign in with your existing account.
  2. Enable - check in this option to enable the web notification in your site.
  3. follow the following steps:
    • Make sure you are logged into FoxPush, by a sign in or sign up a new account by clicking on the Sign up for FREE button.
      By clicking on SIGN UP button above, you will create a new account. FoxPush will send a confirmation email to you, go to your mail inbox and click on Confirm Email Address button.

      Click on CLICK HERE TO SIGN IN button 

      After you logged in, you will go to your FoxPush dashboard. Follow the next steps to complete the account set up. Click on Next button 

      You don't need to copy this code, we do that automatically for you. Go ahead to get the API Key.
      Click on Finish button, you'll go to your dashboard on FoxPush.
      After the preceding steps, go to FoxPush dashboard > Settings > API Keys:
      Click on GENERATE NEW KEY

      Click on GENERATE

      Copy the Key and go back to Jannah > Theme Options > Web Notifications
  4. Enter the FoxPush Domain and API Key from the preceding image.
  5. Click on Save Settings button.

After connecting your account, the web notifications on your Theme Panel will look like: