Integrations with AdRotate

AdRotate is the popular choice to publish banners on WordPress. Providing a comprehensive and easy to learn experience for novices and professionals alike. Create and manage unlimited ads with Adrotate – A great advertising plugin for WordPress. Gather stats and run successful advertising campaigns from your dashboard. Use AdRotate to get the most out of your advertisements and have the best and greatest flexibility in advert placement and management.

Integrations with Jannah Theme

After installing the AdRotate plugin, you will find new options will be added to the theme options:

At the end of these sections (Header Ad, Above Footer Ad, Below the Header Ad, Above Article Ad, Below Article Ad) you will find the AdRotate options.

  1. Navigate to WP admin → Jannah → Theme Options → Advertisements Tab.

  2. AdRotate - enable/disable the AdRotate Ad, if enabled it will override the above options (normal banner and Custom Ad Code).

  3. Type - Advert or Group, Advert will display the single Ad with ID, Group will display one Ad of group ads with the group ID.

  4. ID - Advert or Group ID, you should specify the ID of Advert or Group that you selected from the previous option.