Advertisement Settings

It is recommended to avoid using words like ad, ads, adv, advert, advertisement, banner, banners, sponsor, 300x250, 728x90, etc. in the image names or image path to avoid AdBlocks from blocking your Ad.

Ad Blocker Detector

enable/disable the adblockers notification message and block them from browsing the site, till they turn off the Ad Blocker.

Background Image Ad preview

  1. Full Page Takeover - enable/disable the full page takeover ad.
  2. Link - ad link.
  3. Background Image - the background ad image source, put its link or upload it from the media. Below of the image source field the background options such as background-repeat, background-size, background-position. 
  4. Ad Image Preview area.
  5. Site Margin Top - mostly you want to take more space at the top of the site to let the takeover ad to appear. this option let you determine the space you want.

Live Preview

Header Ad

  1. Header Ad - enable/disable header ad.
  2. Ad Title - a small title displayed above the ad, leave it empty to disable it.
  3. Ad Title Link - if you want to add a link to the title.
  4. Ad Image - put the ad image source link or upload a new one from the media.
  5. Ad image preview area.
  6. Ad URL - the banner link field.
  7. Alternative Text For The image - text that displayed if the image source link is broken.
  8. Open The Link In a new Tab - open the ad link in new tab or no.
  9. Nofollow - "Nofollow" provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines "Don't follow this specific link." it's important for Untrusted content, Paid links and Crawl prioritization. More Info.
  10. Custom Ad Code - instead of the banner image, you may want to add an embedded Ad code, that's its place.

Between Posts in Archives Ads

Als so you can ads between posts in archives pages

  1. Between Posts in archive Ad #1
  2. enable/disable the first Ad between archive posts.
  3. The number of posts before the ad.
  4. Between Posts in archive Ad #2, has the same options of the first ad.
Jannah also offers others ad places:
Above Header Ad,
Below the Header Ad,
Above Footer Ad,
Above Article Ad,
Below Article Ad,
Above Article Content Ad,
Below Article Content Ad,
Each Ad place has the same options as Header Ad above.

Shortcodes Ads

Jannah offers five custom ad shortcode areas, just fill each area with your embed code and then use it's shortcode e.g. [ads1], [ad2] at any place in post content.

AdRotate Integrations

After installing the AdRotate plugin, its options will be displayed at the Advertisements tab. Check  this article for more info