News Blocks

- Jannah comes with a big variety of news blocks and sliders, our User Experience designers focus on the purpose of each block, so each block has its unique User Interface design (aka UI) that preserve its purpose. Whatever your site category you will find your suitable news blocks.

- On the other hand, the blocks backend settings are very easy to understand. Imagin you can build your homepage at less 5min, Yes you can.

- Your home page separated into sections below of each other, each section includes some of the blocks or sliders, you can re-sort sections or its blocks/sliders by drag and drop each one of them. Also, you can set a color/image/video background with parallax effects to sections, add a title with different layouts to section, controls the section layout (right/left sidebar or full-width section), covert section to dark skin style, that means each block inside the section will be in dark skin style. 

- You can add unlimited sections and unlimited blocks inside it, also, you can add widgets to sections sidebars by clicking on the widget area in any section with two column layout (Left/Right sidebar).

- For more organized, you can collapse and expand section content, also, you can edit and delete sections and blocks.

- Most of the blocks have a predefined design for included news lists, also, you can use our shortcodes to add a custom content block.

- Jannah offers two layouts for Ad blocks, normal and half-block layouts. Also, if your site has a WooCommerce store you can add your products as grid products list block or as a products slider block.

- Also, you don't have to include the news ticker in the top nav all the times, you can disable the news ticker from the header and add it as a news block at any section of your homepage.

- Each block has a Dark Skin mode.

- Each block can be in the content-only layout without border, padding, and background.

- You can add Ajax filters for each block, filters will be categories or tags, the filters menu is a flex-menu, that lets you create responsive menus that automatically collapse into a "more" drop-down when they run out of space.

News Blocks Paginations

- Each block has four different pagination layouts:

News Blocks in General

You can show/hide posts thumbnails, metadata, description, and read more button. Also, you can control the title/description length. Block options in details

Block #1 Preview

Block #2 Preview

Block #3 Preview

Block #4 Preview

Block #5 Preview

Block #6 Preview

Block #7 Preview

Block #8 Preview

One of the most important news blocks is the  News Tabs Blockeach tab is a category. Check also, How to add a news tabs block.

Block #9 Preview

Block #10 Preview

Block #11 Preview

Block #12 Preview

Block #13 Preview

Block #14 Preview

Block #15 Preview

Block #16 Preview

Block #17 Preview

Scrolling Block #1 Preview

Scrolling Block #2 Preview

Others Blocks: