Post Page Settings


If the value of any option below is set to  Default, that's meant it'll inherit the value from the primary post category. And if the post category option also set to Default, it will inherit its value from the Jannah Theme Options.

All option in this box is a high-level option, other options(category option - theme options) won't override it at all.

1. Post Page General Settings

  1. Edit Post Page > Jannah Settings box > General.
  2. Primary Category - If the post has multiple categories, the one selected here will be used for settings and it appears in the category labels.
  3. Trending Post - add the trending icon to the post, it will look like:
  4. Post Views - this field let you control the post views count.
  5. Post Formats - each post format has an article:
    1. Standard Post Format
    2. Image Post Format
    3. Video Post Format
    4. Audio Post Format
    5. Slider Post Format
    6. Map Post Format

2. Post Page Layout Settings

  1. Page Layout - Control the Single post page layout (Default will inherit from the primary post category and if it's also set to Default, then will inherit from the theme options)
  2. Post Layout - (Post Template)

Post Layout #4 / #5 / #8

Feature area Background - you can use the featured image as a background for the featured area or upload a new image.

3. Post Page Logo Settings

You can specify a custom logo for each post page, the same settings as the main site logo settings at the theme options.

4. Post Page Sidebar Settings

  1. Sidebar Position - choose the sidebar position left, right, without sidebar or one column layout.
  2. Sticky Sidebar - sticky the sidebar of the post page or no.
  3. Custom Sidebar - choose a custom sidebar that you created before at WP admin → Jannah → Theme Options → Sidebar Settings

5. Post Page Styles Settings

You can control the Primary Page Color, page background (color/gradient/pattern/image), add a dots/light layer above the background, or add custom CSS. These options discussed before at the Theme Options > Site Background.

6. Post Page Main Menu Settings

You can specify a custom main menu for each post page,  set up a new menu and choose it here.

7. Post Page Advertisements Settings

  1. Hide Above Banner - if you add the Above banner to the post at all pages from Jannah Theme Options, and want to hide this banner in a specific post, check in the option.
  2. Custom Above Banner - if you want to add a specific banner to a post, put the banner custom code here, either hide the Above Banner or no, the custom Above banner will override the banner for all pages.

Also, you can control the other banners on the article page, Below Banner, Above Content Banner, Below Content Banner.

8. Post Page Components Settings

You can control the post components, show or hide each one of them, Categories, Tags, Post Metadata, Post Author box, Next/Prev posts, Newsletter, Related Posts, Fly Check Also box, and Above/Below post share buttons.

9. Post Page Story Highlights Settings

  1. Add Custom Text in this field.
  2. Press Add button to add new item below.
  3. The items that you added before.
  4. Remove any item by clicking on this icon.

10. Post Page Source and Via Settings

  1. Add the Source name.
  2. Add the source Link.
  3. The items added before.
  4. Remove any item by clicking on this icon.
  5. Via - such as Source, add the Via name and Link and press Add button to add the via item.